Data Driven Solutions

HumanGeo expertise in high-throughput data collection and integration enables detailed, complex analysis of massive data sets. Our data platforms leverage modern Cloud technologies, including MapReduce, real-time stream processing, on-demand computing, and NoSQL databases to enable Big Data applications built from the ground up to satisfy our partners' needs in data discovery, data integration, and data analysis.

Data Collection

Data Processing

Data Enrichment

Data Transformation

Data Integration


OmniDex HG is our flagship universal data management and indexing platform that integrates structured and unstructured data from multiple disparate sources into a universal index. With OmniDex HG, HumanGeo partners are quickly able to illuminate relationships, find answers, and gain competitive insight

TIGER is a flexible, scalable, fault tolerant data processing and enrichment framework that can leverage Storm or MapReduce to transform raw data into indexable, easily searchable records complete with rich metadata

Some of the data technologies we use:
Apache Storm
Apache Spark


We are proud to have been selected as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Government Solutions Providers for 2013 by CIO Review.
From the battlefield to the boardroom, HumanGeo develops mission critical capabilities for high-stakes environments. Our proven practice of Deskside Development integrates customer input throughout the solutions development cycle. This approach, pioneered in support of US Special Operations, enables us to quickly diagnose an organization's capability gaps and identify the optimal technologies and systems to bridge them. Our commitment to this philosophy has earned us a reputation for rapidly developing solutions that meet our partners' core business and workflow needs.
We offer these services:

Data Management

We'll help you select the right technologies and analytics to manage and derive insights from your data


We'll work together to architect the perfect solution

Software Development

We'll partner with you to design and build an amazing solution

With specialities in:

Social Media

Derive insights from Social Media in order to better understand your world


Move beyond points on a map to hyperlocal intelligence

Big Data

Collect, process, enrich, store, and retrieve data quickly and at scale


Store and access data and analytics on demand from wherever you are


Analyze data as it is ingested, using batch analytics, or on the fly


Show off those analytics and move from raw data to understanding through interactive, intuitive visuals

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
We are an AWS Consulting Partner with expertise in building solutions from the ground up using AWS and modernizing legacy tools by migrating them to AWS
From our website, which leverages Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), to the tools we host online that make use of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), S3, Elastic MapReduce (EMR) and a variety of other AWS technologies, we're big believers in the power of AWS for helping to scale, manage, and maintain the solutions we provide.
We can help our partners to:

Design and Architect for the Cloud

Demystify the AWS technology stack and design a solution that takes full advantage of all that the AWS cloud has to offer


Build the right solution that scales to your data needs and user base and is always available


Migrate legacy applications to AWS - we have a history of doing this, so we know the pitfalls and the path to success


Configure, manage, and improve your AWS cloud hosted infrastructure and solutions

HumanGeo products help our clients reduce uncertainty, quantify risk, and enhance the quality and speed of decision making. From helping government agencies achieve strategic and tactical awareness to enabling video game companies to better understand their customers, our products combine geospatial visualization, social media collection and analysis, and risk management to solve our customers' toughest problems.


MineShaft enables full spectrum search, visualization, and analysis of social media through textual, temporal, and geospatial enrichment.

Enhanced Workflows. Users can create custom search profiles and watchlists, allowing for easy access to targeted data and tracking of issues across the globe as well as across different social media platforms.

Powerful Visualizations. MineShaft offers customizable and impactful digital reports based on social media trends and analytics.


ISEAX provides users with a real-time capability to analyze, triage, and exploit streaming social media content. It processes all content and enriches each piece of data with semantic and geospatial context.

User-Driven Event Detection and Content Classification. The ISEAX user interface enables users to create personalized event categories and categorize streaming content using these events. Additionally, users have the ability to tag and track specific users allowing for easy monitoring and exploitation of all content associated with a user.

Entity Correlation and Similarity Detection. Upon ingestion, all social media authors are indexed and scored using a proprietary correlation algorithm. ISEAX has an interface that enables users to drill into to those entity similarity scores and find correlated users within or across platforms.

ISEBOX amplifies weak signals to fuse disparate data sets and detect geospatial patterns.

Geospatial Manipulation. ISEBOX enables users to intuitively manipulate geospatial datasets to ascertain geographic co-incidence and identify temporal and geospatial patterns.

Data Context. ISEBOX enables users to incorporate their own custom geospatial data sets, and enhances the user’s perspective by providing foundational data layers of places of interest and streaming social media data.

Hyperlocal Intelligence and Geo Statistics

Our capabilities can help you use Social Media and a variety of other data sources to derive insights about the world and your customer base. We can help you understand the who, what, when, where, why, and how of human geography.

Analyze Activity in Space / Time

Detect Patterns and Trends

Understand the Human Domain

Data Visualization

We're experts at telling stories with data. We can help you move from raw data to amazing visualizations quickly. We're fans of Leaflet, D3, and many other of the latest geospatial and general purpose data visualization libraries. Check out our Open Source framework for creating powerful geospatial visualizations, the Leaflet Data Visualization Framework.

Mobility Analysis

We offer advanced, customizable routing and travel analysis capabilities that incorporate Social Media, OpenStreetMap, and other foundational geospatial data sources to provide better, more accurate predictions.

Scalable, Worldwide Routing

Travel Times

Social Mobility